Book Launch Tonight – this happened to one of us

by jeremylukehill

A reminder that Guelph experimental poetry group, the &, Collective invites you to the launch of their second chapbook, &, 2: this happened to one of us, featuring illustrations by SADSADDERDAZE, at PS Guelph (6 Dublin Street South) 7:00 PM tonight.

&, 2: this happened to one of us is less confessional poetry than poetry brought to the confessional. For &, collective’s second project, one member of the group would write a prompt describing a true thing that happened to them. Then, everyone else would show up to workshop with a poem written as if the experience had really been their own. So, one authentic poem—and two to five impostors. What you do with them is up to you.

Come for readings of poems about wet socks, Ray Romano, beater cars, tequila, Dundas, Ontario, shitty motels, getting stood up, hockey dads, Sunday dinner, love, etc.

There will be refreshments, prizes, and some very special first edition books available for purchase.

Admission is free