XAGGERA – Fenylalazine Launch Tonight

by jeremylukehill

A reminder that XAGGERA, the new Fenylalazine (magazine of art), from Fenylalanine Publishing. is being launched tonight, 9:15 PM at the ANAF.

It will also be a celebration of Ed Video’s 40th anniversary. There will be live music by Clara Engel and The Dogs, and recordeds by Mercury (David J. Knight, Clara Engel, Bieke Stengos), Automobilia Nervosa (David J. Knight), and Gulp (Sound Guelph CD). Entrance is free, but donations toward the cost of the event are welcome.

This initial issue of XAGGERA celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Ed Video Media Arts Centre, with contributions from writers, poets, graphic artists, painters, doodlers and asemic conceptualists – twenty-two contributions from the local, national and international scenes. Fenylalanine would like to thank the support of Ed Video Media Arts Centre, Vocamus Editions, Friends of Vocamus Press, Taste deTours, etc. Special thanks also go to the designer Liz Morant, to Humphrey Primp for advice, and of course the twenty-two contributors: David J. Knight, Humphrey Primp, Soukeyna Boye, Daniel Bratton, Lynn Broughton, Lydia Chiussi, Nicole Collins, Michael Davidson, Clara Engel, Nick Ford, Jeremy Luke Hill, Andrew Vowles, Garth Laidlaw, Scott McGovern, Sona Mincoff, Liz Morant, John Nyman, Peter Skoggard, Nicole Smith, Liz Snyder, Bieke Stengos, and Carol Williams.