Charly Rose Kirkwood Is Our New ETCH Coordinator

by jeremylukehill

Friends of Vocamus Press is pleased to announce that Guelph author Charly Rose Kirkwood will be our 2017 ETCH Anthology Coordinator.

She’ll be helping us collect and judge the Guelph Public Library’s Teen Writing Contest, to match the winners with local writers, and to plan the launch event. We’re glad to have her on board.

Charly Toronto, Ontario, but grew up in Fergus, where she developed a deep appreciation for bagpipes and small towns. She has been pursuing writing since she was six years old, writing mostly fantasy and adventure stories. She’s currently in the midst of a creative writing certificate program at the University of Guelph. She enjoys writing on trains, in busy cafes, and behind the counter during downtime at the restaurant where she works as a waitress.

She can be reached at