Support Friends of Vocamus Press Through Patreon!

by jeremylukehill

Friends of Vocamus Press knows that writing isn’t the most lucrative career choice, so we’ve never asked for a membership fee, and we try to offer pretty much all our programs and services for free. We don’t ever want anyone to be excluded over a few dollars.

On the other hand, some of you do have a few dollars and have been asking for ways to support what we do financially (which is fabulous), so we’re pleased to announce that you can now donate to Friends of Vocamus Press through our Patreon site.

This is how it works: you support us twice a year for any amount you like (we have packages from just $10 all the way up to $250 for the big spenders). In return, you’ll get some rewards and gifts as thanks for your support (everything from getting your name in our anthologies to a whole package of local books).

We’ll use these funds to cover our regular expenses (phone, bank fees, and other boring stuff), to run events like the Book Bash Festival (much more exciting), and to develop new programs like a Wellington Country Writer in Residence (even more exciting).

You can check out all the details on Patreon.