“missedunderstandings” by L. Nesbitt

by jeremylukehill

Editor and writer, actor and playwright, Lauren Nesbitt-Baggerman hails from Alberta, Canada, and has travelled around the world. Finally coming to rest in southern Ontario, she decided to call Guelph home.

Retired now from Managing Editor at Guelph’s Harworth Publishing for several travel publications, she just can’t quite let go of the editing life. She continues to work with Brock Learning as Contributing Editor. She retired from teaching writing and publishing to care for aging parents, but the education world introduced her to gifted writers, and vastly varied cultural experiences she will always cherish.

Throughout her adventures she became amazed at just how commonplace crime can really be, and has just published the first of a series of murder mysteries. She is a member of Crime Writers of Canada. A published poet, Lauren has reignited her passion for poetry, recently, too, inspired by the Guelph writing community.

She firmly believes that the Grande Dames of Murder Mystery are always right, and that life without a big dog is always a mistake.