Charlie D and the Celebration Crabapple Tree

by Sherry Lee
illustrated by Madeline Hunt

The charming CHARLIE D AND THE CELEBRATION CRABAPPLE TREE is about a bear named Charlie D whose favourite activity is celebrating special occasions with friends under the crabapple tree. Charlie D, Bella, and Bartholomew invite you to join them in the festivities! This delightful and engaging book should appeal to children from ages 5 to 8.

SHERRY LEE always has a book on her nightstand, for she has loved books since her parents read to her when she was a child. She has read to her sons and now eagerly curls up with her grandchildren to read them their favourite books. Sherry’s keen imagination allows her to create colourful characters and stories that should appeal to adults who appreciate reading books to youngsters. Sherry resides in Guelph, Ontario, and can be reached by email at