Fenylalanine Chapbook Launch

Fenylalanine Publishing will launch new chapbooks of poetry and art by Darcy R. Hiltz, Jessica Avolio, David J. Knight, and Jeremy Luke Hill on Thursday, December 10, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, at the ANAF (32 Gordon Street). It will be a fun and relaxed evening of poetry, music, and conversation. You can also bring some finger food to share. All are welcome.

Darcy R. Hiltz grew up in Nova Scotia and moved to Guelph in 2004. He holds a BA Honours in History and Sociology from Acadia University, a MLIS from Dalhousie University, and a Certificate of Creative Writing from Conestoga College. Darcy is an Archivist / Librarian at Guelph Public Library, an amateur genealogist after being exposed to family history through a 4-H project, and an experienced farm hand. Beyond All This is Darcy’s first chapbook of poetry. It explores the poetry of everyday objects and situations in ways that both affirm and undermine their simplicity.

Jessica Avolio is a multidisciplinary artist whose focus is in the field of graphic media. She holds an Honours BA in Studio Art and Art History. She has published a visual book called Pop Up Art that features Guelph visual artists, and she is currently working on a new magazine project called XAGGERA that will showcase creativity in the greater Guelph area. Twigs is a visual and unreadable poem that explores the textures and contrasts of natural and cut wood.

David J. Knight is the publisher at Fenylalanine Publishing and the general editor of Vocamus Editions. He has written a book on archaeology called King Lucius of Britain and a cultural history called Sound Guelph. He has also edited several editions of historically significant Guelph books, including The Star of Destiny by John Galt. His chapbook, The Book of Seven Pages, pushes stylized writing past the point of legibility and into art, where words and letters function primarily as form rather than signifier.

Jeremy Luke Hill is the publisher at Vocamus Press and the managing director (the guy who has to get things done) for Friends of Vocamus Press. He has a pre-teen fantasy novel called Lindy and a collection of poetry and short prose about Manitoulin Island called Island Pieces. These My Streets responds to the experience of walking the streets of Guelph. It comments visually and poetically on the social fragmentation of those spaces caused by our culture of fast cars and faster communication. It also talks a bit dirty about the virgin Mary.