I Want A Poem

by Valerie Senyk
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WantEbookI WANT A POEM is a collection of lyric poems that explores the relationship between poetry and desire, reflecting on what we need poetry to say and to be. This reflection is what unifies the collection as it moves between the many forms that desire takes in us. Its verse is both vigorous and delicate, rash and reflective, poignant and humorous, as it evokes the many faces of our human needs.


picture poem

i want a poem so beautiful
it will drench my eyes

powder white
safflower lipped

a poem to swoon by
reaching out a hand to touch

can’t touch:
do they make them like that?

and this poem will have
a moving mountain for a soul

— A review by Jean Mills in the KW Record

— “I think of these poems as a string of pearls.” — John Dunn

— “An imagined garden of literary inspiration.” — Michelle McMillan